Nise Dione

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Greetings All,

I hope all is well. Its spring time and I figure I will start out the new year, season with a blog about someone I've known and worked for almost 5 years.

Nise Dione.

She's always been one of my favorite people to work with. I always have a great time and fun working with her. She's fun to be around, about her business and is extremely sweet. She's the type of person you love to have in front of your camera or someone to chat with behind the scenes because she lightens the mood and make everything enjoyable. Here are some shots from our recent fashion blog shoot with Nise for her website.

Please check out her website and Blog.



Mikayu Creations

This week was grand for Trachia Mikayu, because it was the launch of her website!
Please check out the video below and her website.
🌟Starring: Brand Ambassador Nise Dione
Video Captured by: Me
🎶 Music by: Slim Moreno


Positive Vibes for the Week

In order to start the day, one must feel good from the soul. One must feel positive and confident in themselves in order for the day to end on a fruitful journey. 

The Shirt was designed by Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Testify Williams. 
Please feel free to contact him for Shirt designs on his social media Forms. 

IG: @trill4christmuzik

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Individuality Isn't for Lazy People

Good Morning, 

I hope you all are doing well on this Wednesday. This blog will highlight the cons of relying on someone else to make your dreams come true.

Just recently, YouTube has changed its policies on monetization and now it's affecting a lot of people who were collecting a check from them. Now that a lot of YouTubers are not making the money from YouTube like they use too, this brings me to the question: Why would you heavily rely on someone else to take care of you when you are responsible for yourself?

How are you a boss if your business is sharing Facebook's or YouTube's domain?

Outside of your spending habits today, are you providing a long-term investment in yourself?

Where's your website?

The reality is if FB decides to suspend your profile/group your minute in the spotlight is over; what would you do if this was your way to make money or network with clientele? A savvy business person has already made necessary preparations to prevent the demise of their brand by having their own network independent from YouTube or Facebook. You can't be a Business person simply because you state so; it's bestowed upon those whom your business proactively affects.

Relying on social media outlets doesn't qualify you as a "boss", being independent of other business platforms, longevity and creating your own market base is a start, the rest is much bigger than Facebook. In fact, it will hinder you from connecting with more serious business minded people and they will not take you seriously.

Basically, use FB to market and promote your brand. Never put everything on any social media platform. Use social media platforms as a vehicle to send people to your website.

Invest in yourself and in your brand. Stop being dependent on something or someone else. I understand you have to rely on someone else, job, or work with what you have until something better comes along. At some point, you have to build your own network, a business brand with the money you have and invest in yourself so you don't have to rely on someone else forever.

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